September 16, 2010

Rich and Karin,

I wanted to let you know how much our Department appreciated the training our Traffic Division received during your P.O.S.T. Motorcycle Update
course.  Riding a motorcycle during any given day is an inherently dangerous task.  When we link motorcycle riding and Police-work together, the
stakes rise higher for each individual Officer.  We began a search to find a training course that would help raise collision avoidance awareness,
throttle, clutch and brake control, body position and balance, and overall safety for our motorcycle Officers.  It didn’t take long to find your school
with the outstanding references made by personnel in our industry and in the motorcycle community.

Your hospitality went above and beyond any of our expectations.  The friendly atmosphere, the constant reassurance and your smooth coaching
styles assisted with bringing our riders to a higher skill level.  The team building drill reinforced how much we can rely on each other to successfully
complete any given task.  This included co-mingling personnel from two different Departments with the same successful result.  Your sharing of the
perception/reaction/focus eye exercise was well received, and it will make its way into our Range program in the future as a warm-up drill.

The collision avoidance drills, and skills and confidence our personnel developed to control a sliding motorcycle over varying surfaces is priceless.  
This drill alone will save costs associated to work-compensation claims, equipment repair or replacement, and most importantly, the drill will reduce
the number of injured Officers.

Thank you again for putting together an advanced training course that is definitely a benefit for enforcement riding.  Our Department has made your
course an annual training event for all of our motorcycle riders.


Sergeant Steve Delema #2834
Fremont Police Department
Traffic Division
Dear Karin and Rich,

I just wanted to thank you for an outstanding experience. It was a pleasure and an honor meeting you and we had a blast.

Because of your class, Jase has decided to wait before getting a street 600 (WHEW!). The reality of wiping out went a long way in convincing him that
he's not ready and he needs much more training and experience. Thank YOU!

Jase & I received the photo CD and really appreciate it.

Thank you for your kindness and hospitality. Matt & Meagan were terrific. I felt bad they had to hang with us their whole Saturday. That's a big
sacrifice at their ages.

Anyway, thanks again for the best Father/Son experience I've ever had with Jase.

Kind Regards,

Karin and Rich,

Returned home after a couple of weeks of flying and found my trophy waiting for me in the mail. Brought back lots of great memories of last month's
fun camp.  We all had a great time and are in full agreement that we must return yet again and do it all one more time--hopefully that will be sometime
around May of next year.

I'm proudly and humbly displaying this year's trophy next to the one from two and a half years ago and telling all my mid-west friends how they MUST
get out to your school!

We all wish you continued success and hope to see you again soon.  Henrik and I will be going to the MotoGP at Laguna in July, perhaps our paths
will cross there.

Thanks again for a great time.

By now you're into the next program, but I want to thank you for Fun Camp last weekend, for sending me the CD of images, and for making me so
welcome in your home.

At the closing, after you thanked your sponsors, I mentioned the thanks due to your family. But I forgot then to thank Carl for the support and
coaching he gave me, as well as for his general bonhomie. I hope that you can convey my thanks to him. Perhaps he will reply with his email address.

The picture by Jordan's mother that you sent is a treasure! The angle makes me look faster and thinner than in fact, and your truck behind (I assume
the great graphics are by you) frames it perfectly. Everybody in my address book has a copy.

Heidi and I dream of returning. I awoke the next two mornings imaging going faster through each of the turns.
Hi Rich,

I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you and to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the training days this past weekend with you and Karin.
The Mystery School exceeded all expectations I had for focused learning and for getting the attention, dedicated instruction and measurable results I
had hoped for. I had watched many of your posted youtube videos, so I thought I knew a little bit about the school.

Your facilities, motorcycles, equipment and riding gear were first rate and were used with great effectiveness. I was particularly impressed with the
diversity and multitude of tracks (which were always groomed to perfection) plus the wide range of drills covered over the two days. Yours and Karin's
professionalism, hospitality and positive attitudes made the environment even more welcoming and conducive to learning.

I am sure I will enroll at the Mystery School again, as soon as a fun camp aligns with my schedule.

Best Regards,
Ben Travisano
"If you are a newbie yearning to explore the world of motorcycling but are turned off by the associated fear of bad things happening or if you are a
seasoned rider (street or dirt) stagnant in improving your skills or if you are an up-and-coming racer frustrated with a plateau in your results, look no
further than Rich Oliver's Mystery School. Rich and Karin run a professional outfit that caters to each and everyone's individual needs so that what
you get out of each class is specifically tailored to your specific desires. Rich's competitive history is reknown and speaks for itself...however, what
most people don't know about him is his unique blend of coach, mentor and inspirational athlete. Rich makes seemingly complex and difficult things
simple and easy while taking the "timid" out of intimidation. He will bring out your best to accomplish feats that you did not think were mentally or
physically possible. So treat yourself to a weekend getaway of fun in the dirt, racing excitement, friendly storytelling and homemade cooking - you will
find yourself coming back for more!"
Rich Oliver's Mystery School met and exceeded all my expectations.
Thank you to Rich and Karin and Megan and Matt.
A professional well organized team

The Mystery School campus is an organized and safe environment for dirt track/fun school.
Eight bikes awaited our group: clean, well-maintained, and ready to ride/train/race. The bikes are fresh and kept in full working order. Adjustments
are quickly made to accommodate all sizes.
The  "bike barn" is neat/organized, clean, and is a comfortable place to get geared up. Mystery School rental gear(gloves, pants, helmets, etc) is
great quality kit that is clean and fresh. Goggle wipes and micro fiber cloth were kept handy to keep the goggle lens clean.

The tented pit area is used for breaks between drill/track training/race sessions. Water, cytomax, assortment of energy bars, fresh wide variety of
tasty fruit(the peaches were awesome), comfortable chairs, etc to keep the students hydrated and fueled in comfort.

Safety: The Mystery School campus is a very safe environment to practice drills, train and race. Plenty of hay bales positioned in appropriate places
around the tracks. Rich ensures that everyone of his students is very aware of their surroundings. Students are not allowed to wander. Drills are
focussed and conducted for maximum learning with maximum safety protocol. Students, from experienced racers to first time riders, are able to
focus/train/work hard 110% with no distractions. Ariel was on her third day of riding/training with Rich. She had a blast and learned a lot right along
side her Dad(an experienced road racer, cars and bikes). Their are plenty of breaks to ensure students remain hydrated and are not over-worked.
Perfect mix of intensity training and rest.

Rich Oliver: Articulate and great communicator, talented, super positive, coach. Rich was always "present" and kept our group training hard and
smart. Immediately learned our names(yes, a small thing, and, very important). Always a smile. And he got the whole group to progress at our
different skill levels, learn, and have a ton of fun. The fun aspect infused the whole weekend. Rich can ride fast and in complete control, with great
style and technique. When he demos a skill/drill he starts out in a slow easy mode then finishes the demo with full intensity/awesome skilled racer
mode. Students are given the entry level version and are then given the master of the universe version. Effective way to give all skill levels a model to
work with. When on the track with a novice group Rich rides just a bit above the average skill/speed so students can have a chance to follow and
learn by emulating. When the skill level goes up so does Rich's pace. And occasionally he lets it all hang out, full tilt to give us all a show!!
I could go on and on, but really, the man has got the whole lets learn/train/race and have lots of fun package down!

Karen, Megan, and Matt: Great support on the track and great food for lunch...thanks!

Look forward to coming back down to Mystery School!  Phillip B.

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