Auberry, CA.
Fresno Motor Training Police
Officer Richie jumps the 4x4
post on the Police test course.
Fresno Motor Training Police
Officer Richie performs the
high speed U-Turn drill.
Fresno Motor Training Police
Officer Mike negotiates the
TT-Turn on the Flat Track
training course.
Each officer is tested initially
on the Police test course to
determine a baseline skill level.

Then at the end of the school,
the officers are re-tested on
the same course.

The improvement is awesome.
Fresno Motor Training Police
Officer Mike shows perfect
form with his turning technique
on the Police test course.
Fresno Motor Training Police
Officer Lennie masters the
standing hill climb technique on
the Police test course.
September 16, 2012
Rich and Karin,

I wanted to let you know how much our Department appreciated the training our Traffic Division
received during your P.O.S.T. Motorcycle Update course.  Riding a motorcycle during any given
day is an inherently dangerous task.  When we link motorcycle riding and Police-work together, the
stakes rise higher for each individual Officer.  We began a search to find a training course that
would help raise collision avoidance awareness, throttle, clutch and brake control, body position
and balance, and overall safety for our motorcycle Officers.  It didn't take long to find your school
with the outstanding references made by
personnel in our industry and in the motorcycle community.

Your hospitality went above and beyond any of our expectations.  The friendly atmosphere, the
constant reassurance and your smooth coaching styles assisted with bringing our riders to a higher
skill level.  The team building drill reinforced how much we can rely on each other to successfully
complete any given task.  This included co-mingling personnel from two different Departments with
the same successful result.  Your sharing of the perception/reaction/focus eye exercise was well
received, and it will make its way into our Range program in the future as a warm-up drill.

The collision avoidance drills, and skills and confidence our personnel developed to control a sliding
motorcycle over varying surfaces is priceless.  This drill alone will save costs associated to
work-compensation claims, equipment repair or replacement, and most importantly, the drill will
reduce the number of injured Officers.

Thank you again for putting together an advanced training course that is definitely a benefit for
enforcement riding.  Our Department has made your course an annual training event for all of our
motorcycle riders.


Sergeant Steve Delema #2834
Fremont Police Department
Traffic Division
Steve Delema riding in the
Motorcycle Update Course!
TESTIMONIAL FROM Sergeant Steve Delema #2834
Fremont Police Department Traffic Division

Rich Oliver's Mystery School resides on 13 remote acres in Central California in Prather, CA.  Prather is
located 25 miles outside of Fresno, CA in the Sierra Mountain foothills at an elevation of 1,600'.  The fact
that the Mystery School operates at a permanent facility gives us the ability to grade, water, manicure
and fine-tune each track for the optimal learning experience.

How long has Rich Oliver's Mystery School been in business?
In business since 2001.

Other agency participation
Motor officers whom have participated in this course include officers from Fresno, Clovis, City of Bell
Gardens, Atwater, Oakland, Lemoore, Lake County, Fremont, South Lake Tahoe, Los Gatos, Tulare,
Sacramento, Hercules, Ridgecrest, Novato, Martinez, Visalia, and Chowchilla as well as the Madera
County Sheriff Department.

History of injuries, severity, frequency, etc.
As you know, operating any motorized vehicle always brings an opportunity for injury.  We greatly
understand this and work to continually build and adjust the curriculum to avoid anything serious.

Protective Gear
All students are required to wear full protective gear: helmet, chest protector, goggles, gloves, off-road
jersey and pants, road racing boots, elbow and knee pads. With the course being 'off-road', when
students fall, they land in the dirt and generally jump back up and keep going.

*To save the cost of purchasing protective gear, Rich Oliver's Mystery School offers free head to toe riding
gear for each Officer!

Rich also adjusts the curriculum as he goes to account for any riders who may initially be a bit over their
head.  If there is a rider who may bring harm or injury to themselves or others, Rich will speak to them
directly, tone them down and may even ask them to sit out for a few minutes to watch and understand
how to correctly achieve the goal of the drill.

There are many lodging accommodations in the Fresno, CA and Clovis, CA area to meet your needs.  
Click here for more info.

Note: No spectators are allowed unless a direct relation, and no audio or digital recording is allowed on
site without prior authorization.  No pets.
Your POST Course includes:

This unique course is specifically designed to enhance
the officer’s ability to avoid accidents and injury; and to
gain a greater level of control in pursuit situations over
all types of terrain.  The course incorporates turning,
sliding, braking, tight area u-turns, negotiating
obstacles and pursuit techniques.  By performing all of
these riding techniques throughout the various drills
over our 16-hour training course, the officer will gain
new skills, confidence and control, becoming a much
improved rider.

Your agency will benefit by:

Reducing Officer Accidents and keeping officers on
the streets.

Reducing Workers Compensation Claims.

Reducing hours of work an injured officer misses.

Reducing bike repair or replacements costs.

Courses are held in two consecutive day stints and
can be custom scheduled to meet your departments
scheduling requirements!

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POST Course #32575  Plan: #1
PRESENTED BY: Rich Oliver Racing, Inc.

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Motorcycle Update: $669

Motorcycle Officer Update is approved as a
POST Plan I with tuition reimbursement.

Motorcycle, riding gear, lunch,
drinks, snacks, photo and video CD,
and your steel shoe included!

2017 DATES:

September 20 - 21               (8) Open
October 17 - 18                    (8) Open
November 8 - 9                    (8) Open
November 28 - 29                (8) Open
December 20 - 21                (8) Open

Additional dates are available for groups of four
or more.  To schedule, call (559) 855-3089.
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Cancellation Policy PLEASE READ!

Cancellations or changes must be received in writing or by electronic mail at least 14 days prior to the scheduled course date.

Cancellations made 14 days or more of the scheduled course date will be assessed a $50 administrative fee. Course reservations are
transferable to future dates, within the same calendar year, after the above fees are assessed.

Cancellations made within 14 days of the scheduled course will receive no refund and are non-transferable.

No course will be canceled due to inclement weather as we ride rain or shine.