T  E  A  M      O  L  I  V  E  R      Y  A  M  A  H  A
T  E  A  M      C  R  E  W
Rich Oliver is the Team
Manager, Rider, Truck Driver
and Engine Builder.
He also is a 5 time AMA 250 GP
Champion with a record 71
victories under his belt.  He is 42
years old and lives in Auberry,
CA where he runs the Rich
Oliver Mystery Schools, and
paints abstract art when time
Robert Ward is the team Crew
Chief, and has worked for Team
Oliver Yamaha for 3 years.  
Before that he wrenched at
Muzzy's and Erion Honda,
winning a Championship with
Kurtis Roberts in the AMA.  He
has won 19 AMA 250 races with
Oliver.  He is Chief mechanic at
Wilson's when not on the road
with Team Oliver.  Robert is 34
years old and lives in Fresno,
Sean Edin is a Certified Athletic
Trainer, and when he is not
traveling to the races he works  
in a therapy clinic in Fresno, CA.
He also works with Dean Miller
and International Racers,
helping many of the top
roadracers world wide.   Sean
helps the four wheelers too, he
is the official trainer for the
Panoz MotorSport auto racing
team!  Busy Sean is 35 years
old and lives with his family in
Fresno, CA.
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