T  E  A  M     O  L  I  V  E  R     Y  A  M  A  H  A
M     O     T     O     R     C     Y     C     L     E     S
This is the Team Oliver race shop, and the machine on the table is our
2002 TZ 250.   It's just back from Computrac, after being straightened out
from my crash at VIR.  It was bent somewhat, but all better now!  Thanks
to James and Ray at Computrac, one of our new sponsors for 2003.
This is the 2003 Shotgun Engine.  It's
built with special cases that I ported,
special cylinders with revised port
timing, different heads with more
compression, and race kit pistons.
The engine is also Supertech polished
to lower friction.  I use a 2001 race kit
ignition and the 2001 race kit pipes.  It
revs to 14,000, but I try to shift it at  
13,500.  It also uses a KLS quick shifter
and an exhaust temp gauge with probes
in the pipes.  It makes a bunch of power
and it's really hard to ride.  I love it!
Yamaha sure knows how to build a beautiful frame, look at the size of that
swing arm, and how the Lindemann Engineering Ohlins shock fits into the
linkage through the arm.  These machines handle like, well, like a 250
Grand Prix machine. They carve!  They go 160+ and stop so hard they
pop your eyes out!  You should try one.
Cytomax performance drink
Shoei provides all the motocross helmets for the school!

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