Gain skills, gain confidence, and gain control
Gain it all in your Private Training day!

Learn one-on-one in a personal day with AMA Champion Rich Oliver!
Rich coaches and rides with you!

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or call 559-855-3089

Private Only Day: $499/per student
(There is no damage deposit!)
Gear rental: $40

Motorcycle, lunch, drinks,
snacks, photo's, video's and your
steel shoe included!

2017 DATES:

July 19                    RESERVED
July 20                    RESERVED

July 21                    RESERVED

July 22                    RESERVED
July 29                    RESERVED
September 15                    Open
September 29                    Open
October 6                RESERVED
October 27                         Open
November 3                       Open
December 1                       Open

Call for other dates not listed here.
Would you like a day by yourself to learn at your own pace?
You will quickly improve!

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You get instant review!
I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you and to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the
training days this past weekend with you and Karin. The Mystery School exceeded all
expectations I had for focused learning and for getting the attention, dedicated instruction and
measurable results I had hoped for. I had watched many of your posted You Tube videos, so I
thought I knew a little bit about the school.

Your facilities, motorcycles, equipment and riding gear were first rate and were used with great
effectiveness. I was particularly impressed with the diversity and multitude of tracks (which were
always groomed to perfection) plus the wide range of drills covered over the two days. Yours
and Karin's professionalism, hospitality and positive attitudes made the environment even more
welcoming and conducive to learning.

I am sure I will enroll at the Mystery School again, as soon as a Fun Camp aligns with my

Best Regards,
Ben Travisano
Your Private day

A custom curriculum
just for you!


Special riding drills designed for quick

Dirt track riding

Off road riding

Off road slow speed balance work

Time trials and other timed events

Video and photo review


Vision improvement exercises

Special training shortcuts
Do you learn more effectively on your own?
Auberry, CA.

Note: No spectators are allowed unless a direct relation, and no audio or digital
recording is allowed on site without prior authorization.  No pets.
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Shoei provides all the motocross helmets for the school!
Cancellation Policy PLEASE READ!

Cancellations or changes must be received in writing or by electronic mail at least 14 days prior to the scheduled course date.

Cancellations made 14 days or more of the scheduled course date will be assessed a $100 administrative fee. Course reservations
are transferable to future dates, within the same calendar year, after the above fees are assessed.

Cancellations made within 14 days of the scheduled course will receive no refund and are non-transferable.

No course will be canceled due to inclement weather as we ride rain or shine.