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      Riding Gear Rental and Information

      The following is a list of the required riding gear for all students:

      Required Riding Gear checklist

      • Street Boots for improved flexibility (no moto boots)
      • Thick Socks
      • Goggles
      • Helmet (must be Snell approved)
      • Jersey
      • Motocross pants
      • Knee pads and elbow pads
      • Chest and back protector
      • Gloves

      Recommended Riding Gear

      The following items are also recommended to make your experience more enjoyable: 

      • Bicycle shorts/riding shorts with hip padding
      • Spare goggle lenses
      • Jackets for cooler weather
      • Rain gear if rain is predicted.


      Gear Rental Program
      Please note that the above listed riding gear is required to participate in Rich Oliver’s Mystery School for your safety and comfort.   If you prefer to use our gear rental program, we offer Cortech street boots, Shoei helmets and a variety of jerseys, motopants, chest protectors, knee pads, elbow pads, gloves, goggles and steel shoes.

      Rich Oliver's Mystery School offers a gear rental program. For $40.00 per day, we provide all of the above required items for your safety and enjoyment throughout your entire Mystery School experience.

      If you have your own gear but need either street boots or a Snell approved helmet, you may rent either of these items for $20.00 per day. This fee should be paid prior to your arrival. You may rent the gear online or contact us at (559) 855-3089.
      For any gear not returned at the conclusion of the course, a $100 charge, per item, will be applied.