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      The Mystery School is located in Prather, California which is in the Sierra Mountain range foothills outside of Fresno, California.  The closest airport is Fresno Yosemite International Airport (airport code FAT). 

      We officially began in 2003 during Rich's last year of professional AMA racing.  Rich wanted to give back to those with a passion of motorcycling by helping them improve their motorcycle riding skills, their mental strategy, their exercise and nutritional program and much more.  Since 2003, the Rich Oliver's Mystery School has continued to add courses to meet the needs of anyone with an interest or passion in motorcycling. Regardless of your skill level, we have a curriculum for you!

      Rich Oliver is a retired American Motorcyclist Association professional road racer whose credentials include Five National Road Racing Championships and over 71 race victories.  He was a color commentator during AMA races and has been a spokesperson for a variety of our sponsors including Yamaha motorcycles and Shoei helmets.  He also was the rider in five commercials showcasing Yamaha's new release street bikes.

      Karin is an experienced athletics administrator and brings knowledge from her careers working in collegiate athletics and professional motorsports.  She is also a certified Classical Pilates instructor and enjoys teaching.  She has a passion for educating and motivating people to achieve new levels of excellence and committed to achieving company mission and goals.

      The Mystery School is a safe, hospitable, high-quality training facility that provides curriculums to give our students additional riding skills that can be used to avoid accidents and injuries when riding their own motorcycle(s) on the street, dirt or track.

      The Mystery School curriculum specializes in motorcycle riding safety and skill building, using small low powered motorcycles for ease of training. We use dirt tracks and dirt drill areas that are specifically set up for each lesson. Speeds range from 5 to 35 mph. Training is done of flat tracks, not motocross tracks.

      We have 13.9 acres specifically designed to flat tracks and dirt drill areas for students to get the most out of their experience. Most of our students are street riders who gain increased motorcycle control and confidence by riding in the dirt under our guidance and coaching.  For the student who has never ridden a motorcycle before, our goal is to teach them the safety skills needed so they can have a lifetime of motorcycling enjoyment. 

      We look forward to having you join us in one of our courses to gain skills, confidence and control!

      • Learn To Ride Off-Road
      • Off-Road Challenge Course
      • Two-Day Fun Camp
      • P.O.S.T. Motorcycle Officer Update Course
      • Private Training Day for up to four people in the same or dual curriculum
      • Kid's Ride and Wrench Camps

      For the Kid's programs, we are approved with Inspire Charter Schools, specifically Yosemite Valley Charter School and Monarch River Academy.

      For testimonials, click on the "Testimonials" tab at the top of the page.