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      Fun Camp Testimonials

      I had the privilege to attend the Fun Camp in May of 2017.  Not only were the facilities and equipment top notch, I received expert instruction from all the coaches, made new friends, and had a fantastic time in general.  I want to briefly tell you how I tangibly benefited from my time at the Mystery School.  Even though Rich explains how sliding on the dirt will help your street riding and I understood what he meant conceptually, I experienced it firsthand recently on a ride with my GS1200.  That bike is obviously a little bigger than the TTR125's I was riding at the Mystery School.  It was dusk and visibility wasn't great.  I came around a corner and before I knew it, I hit a sandy patch on the road and both tires were sliding sideways.  Instead of panicking, instinct took over in the blink of an eye and I was back on my TTR125.  Even though it definitely got my attention, I rode the slide out until the tires stabilized on the pavement.  I honestly feel that had I not received the instruction and had the opportunity to put it into practice at the Mystery School, I would have crashed.  I highly encourage anyone who is thinking about riding, or has ridden for decades, to attend The Mystery School. --Dietrich

      "When I signed up for my first Fun Camp, I didn't know what to expect.  As an experienced street rider, but having never ridden a dirt bike before, I promised myself that I would be satisfied if just one time I was able to slide the motorcycle.  I had no idea that before the end of the weekend, I'd be grinning from ear to ear while backing it into third gear sweepers in bar-banging races with my classmates.   Rich does an awesome job of giving step-by-step drills to teach sliding and throttle control mixed with outrageously fun racing, all in a comparatively low-risk environment. The Fun Camp is true to its name!" --Tyler O.

      "I've been to Rich's classes many times and I keep coming back. It's a lot of fun, but more importantly the school definitely made me a more confident and safe road rider, in wet and dry!"--Dmitri T.

      P.O.S.T. Motorcycle Update Testimonials

      I wanted to let you know how much our Department appreciated the training our Traffic Division received during your P.O.S.T. Motorcycle Update course. Riding a motorcycle during any given day is an inherently dangerous task. When we link motorcycle riding and Police-work together, the stakes rise higher for each individual Officer.  We began a search to find a training course that would help raise collision avoidance awareness, throttle, clutch and brake control, body position and balance, and overall safety for our motorcycle Officers.  It didn't take long to find your school with the outstanding references made by personnel in our industry and in the motorcycle community.

      Your hospitality went above and beyond any of our expectations.  The friendly atmosphere, the constant reassurance and your smooth coaching styles assisted with bringing our riders to a higher skill level.  The team building drill reinforced how much we can rely on each other to successfully complete any given task.  This included co-mingling personnel from two different Departments with the same successful result.  Your sharing of the perception/reaction/focus eye exercise was well received, and it will make its way into our Range program in the future as a warm-up drill.

      The collision avoidance drills, and skills and confidence our personnel developed to control a sliding motorcycle over varying surfaces is priceless. This drill alone will save costs associated to work-compensation claims, equipment repair or replacement, and most importantly, the drill will reduce the number of injured Officers.

      Thank you again for putting together an advanced training course that is definitely a benefit for enforcement riding.  Our Department has made your course an annual training event for all of our motorcycle riders.

      Sergeant Steve Delema #2834
      Fremont Police Department
      Traffic Division

      Pro CampTestimonials

      For the past 4 days I have been blessed with the opportunity to take my riding and training to a completely new dimension that I didn't even know existed.  I am certainly not new to the Rich Oliver Mystery School, as matter of fact I have attended 7 "Fun Camps" over the past year up at the Oliver ranch and have truly enjoyed all of them. Until this past weekend however, I had never attended the "Four-Day Ultra Pro Camp"....

      Our class consisted of a Colorado state roadracing rookie of the year, an AMA young gun supersport racer, a 2014 Spanish amateur CEV roadracer, a supermoto / mx racer from Chicago, and a couple of Mystery School regulars that partake in miscellaneous types of riding. We all spent 4 days riding harder, longer, and faster than I ever would have imagined possible on a TT-R125 on a multitude of different tracks, conditions, and scenarios. We did sit-ups, resistant band, medicine ball, stretching, jogging, and other exercises until it hurt and then even further. We learned lessons in proper nutrition, team prioritizing, organizing, bike setup, mental preparation, and a host of other great lessons required for top level professional racing success.  Each day we were all completely exhausted physically and mentally. This was NOT a class for the weak of heart.

      I can't wait to get on my race bike and put this whole new "Pro Race" approach of thinking, training, and riding into motion.

      I went into the program with high expectations and Rich's entire staff not only met them, but they exceeded them far beyond what I dreamed even possible. This program should be on your "MUST DO" list if you have any aspirations of having a successful race program in any form of racing.--Tim W.

      Private Training DayTestimonials

      I wanted to drop you a note to say thank you and to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed the training days this past weekend with you and Karin. The Mystery School exceeded all expectations I had for focused learning and for getting the attention, dedicated instruction and measurable results I had hoped for. I had watched many of your posted You Tube videos, so I thought I knew a little bit about the school.

      Your facilities, motorcycles, equipment and riding gear were first rate and were used with great effectiveness. I was particularly impressed with the diversity and multitude of tracks (which were always groomed to perfection) plus the wide range of drills covered over the two days. Yours and Karin's professionalism, hospitality and positive attitudes made the environment even more welcoming and conducive to learning.

      I am sure I will enroll at the Mystery School again, as soon as a Fun Camp aligns with my schedule.--Ben T.