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      Movement of
      Body, Mind and Soul

      Karin Oliver owns and operates KO Pilates in Prather, CA.  It is a fully equipped Classical Pilates studio in Prather that offers a simultaneous in person and virtual open studio format helping clients:

      ♦ Reduce Pain              ♦ Reduce Stress
      ♦ Walk Better               ♦ Lose Weight
      ♦ Improve Posture      ♦ Improve Athletic Performance
      ♦ Prevent Injury           ♦ Have a Healthier Lifestyle

      Pilates is the movement of the body where the mind, body, and soul work together to gain control over your body. It is a skill set, not just a workout. There is physical and psychological synergy. It is discipline. It is energizing.  The method will help you build a flexible spine, and its movement changes your body at a deeper level where results are seen faster. Stretching, strength, flexibility and range of motion enhance your everyday movement and Pilates significantly improves your alignment and posture while not stressing your joints.

      It is a terrific method to include into your routine to improve your motorcycle riding skills, your athletics, and your overall health.

      More information can be found at  www.kopilates.com