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      Hi, I am Karin and I also own and operate KO Pilates, a boutique studio, in Auberry, CA.  I teach the original Pilates method created by Joseph Pilates. Contrology, commonly known as Pilates, is the movement of the body so the mind, body and soul work together.   This method helps you gain control over your body and its movements.  Stretchingstrength, flexibility and range of motion enhance your everyday movement and Pilates does not stress your joints and it significantly improves your body and posture. 

      Pilates is for everyone, regardless of your intention of reducing pain, walking better, standing taller, preventing injury or improving your athletic performance. At ROMS, I notice how Pilates has helped my riding become more effortless and I feel stronger as I lean the bike into the corners.

      My studio is fully equipped with the classical Pilates apparatus from Gratz™ industries and Legacy Apparatus. This includes an archival reformer, a Cadillac, Wunda Chairs, a Ladder Barrel and much more. My training as a third-generation instructor incorporated more than 600 hours to ensure each of my clients gets the best training Joseph Pilates intended.  I enjoy furthering my personal Pilates training and education and am currently enrolled in a 15-month Classical education program for Pilates teachers, which will conclude in December.

      More information can be found at my website, www.vagaro.com/kopilates.  I am also an approved vendor with Yosemite Valley Charter School and Monarch River Academy for ages 13-18.